Dami Im In Between Download MP3 ZIP Files

has released her new single ‘In Between‘ and announced her upcoming EP of the same name, set to drop on July 7th.

The title track of the EP, which includes Jude York, is now available as a preview. It's a soft, semi-acoustic tune that showcases Im's impressive vocals. The song delves into the idea of never genuinely belonging anywhere and how our identities evolve. I wrote the song after strolling through a cemetery, reflecting on the cyclical nature of life: “It's funny how it all begins and ends in the same way – in hospitals and graveyards. Babies are born, and people depart, but I'm struggling with the in-between,” she sings.

The In-Between EP comprises seven tracks, including Im's latest single ‘Collide.' Im has collaborated with several prominent artists, such as Amy and George Sheppard, Andy Mak, and Jude York, for this project. The EP was created during a significant change in Im's personal life and is a testament to her growth and artistic development. It reflects her journey and how she is thriving as an artist, drawing inspiration from this new chapter in her life.


1. Role Model
2. Optical Illusion
3. Collide
4. Superhero
5. A-Team
6. Invincible
7. In Between (feat. Jude York)



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