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Anyone who was near a radio around 2006 would have heard 's hit song “Put Your Records On.” The song has become a staple of easy listening channels and playlists, and even inspired a viral cover. The success of the song, along with Rae's self-titled debut , which remained on the Billboard 200 for a year and a half, helped cement jazz, soul, and R&B as the foundation of her breezy pop style.

Now, years later, Rae has taken a sharp and unexpected turn towards rock music with her latest , “Black Rainbows.” The is scuzzy and guitar-powered, and shows a side of Rae that is unapologetic and bold.

As a 15-year-old in her hometown of Leeds, Rae was part of an all-girl rock group called Helen, drawing inspiration from fellow women-led bands like L7, Belly, and Veruca Salt. The band gained attention from the alt-rock label Roadrunner Records, but the deal ultimately fell through. This heartbreak only strengthened Rae's resolve to pursue music.

“Black Rainbows” marks the first time in her solo career that Rae directly addresses those formative rock influences, and she does so with ferocious energy and confidence. It's as if she's introducing herself to the world all over again.

Rae has spoken about a personal transformation inspired by a visit to the Stony Island Arts Bank in Chicago in 2017. There, she saw a 1954 photo of Audrey Smaltz, a 17-year-old pageant winner posing with a grin on the back of a fire truck. The photo inspired Rae's song “New York Transit Queen,” which is just under two minutes long but feels like the thematic centerpiece of the . In the song, Rae cheerleads for the types of girls who need one, shouting about her young heroine amid peppy hand-claps: “Beauty is in her possession, and she rides, rides, rides.” Smaltz herself went on to work at Ebony Fashion Fair and establish a lifetime presence in the fashion world. Like Rae, her story is one of gutsy self-determination.


Corinne Jacqueline Bailey Rae is a talented  & grammy-winning singer and songwriter from England. Her most famous song, “Put Your Records On”, was released in 2006. In the annual Sound of 2006 poll, which surveys music critics, Bailey Rae was voted the top breakthrough act and predicted to have a successful career.


1. A Spell, A Prayer
2. Black Rainbows
3. Erasure
4. Earthlings
5. Red Horse
6. New York Transit Queen
7. He Will Follow You With His Eyes
8. Put It Down
9. Peach Velvet Sky
10. Before The Throne of The Invisible God



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