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, also known as Addie Warncke, has release her debut self-titled on August 4th, which features 11 tracks including her hit single, “Vacation.”

Warncke describes the song as a tribute to her visit to Coney Island and the tranquility she experienced away from online life. The lyrics were inspired by the book “How to Do Nothing,” which encourages people to reject social media and fast information and be more present in life.

The music video for “Vacation” was co-created by Warncke, her touring guitarist Dalton Salisbury, and their friend Jack Fessenden, a film director. It features footage from their trip to Las Vegas and the Hamptons, with a dreamlike quality that complements the song's message about the difficulty of escaping the constant pressure to consume every moment of our lives.


  1. Vacation
  2. You Make It Look So Easy
  3. Lexapro
  4. Happy Girl
  5. Hehehe
  6. Texas Chainsaw Dilemma
  7. Pathetic
  8. I Get Better Everyday
  9. Starchild
  10. Eascore
  11. Oops



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