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The record was constructed in their apartment and followed their second ‘Super Monster' breakout success in 2021. Due to be released on Saddest Factory Records, it was produced using whatever instruments came to hand – predominantly, 's out-of-tune guitar and their equally wonky piano.

On July 14th (pre-order is available online), the record is led by the new song ‘Every Fucking Time.' Matching 's melodic instincts to some brutal lyricism, the song relishes truth while injecting an acerbic, slightly surreal lyrical touch into proceedings.

Thematically, Supermodels deal with the universal trials of growing up, though 's subject matter is likely turned up to 10 since they've grown up in the public eye. The — written after the artist toured with Bridgers and and released on the heels of opening gigs for Paramore and Le Tigre — tracks Claud's journey from their childhood bedroom to their apartment in New York City.

Pre-orders are ongoing.


  1. Crumbs
  2. Dirt
  3. A Good Thing
  4. Every Fucking Time
  5. Wet
  6. Glass Wall
  7. It's Not About You
  8. Paul Rudd
  9. The Moving On
  10. Climbing Trees
  11. Spare Tire
  12. All Over
  13. Screwdriver



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