Ciara, CiCi EP/ Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

Grammy-winning singer will release her new EP, CiCi, on August 18 via her label Beauty Marks Entertainment. The EP includes previously-released tracks like “Jump,” “Better Thangs” featuring , “Da Girls,” and the latest single “How We Roll” with . The official tracklist is yet to be revealed.

The official tracklist for the 7-track collection, set to release on August 18, has been revealed. The project features collaborations with , , and .

Wilson is an American singer, songwriter, businesswoman, dancer, model and actress. Her debut Goodies produced three top-five singles including “1, 2 Step”, “Oh,” and “Goodies,” with the latter topping the Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart.


1. How We Roll (ft. )
2. BRB
3. Low Key
4. Type A Party
5. Forever (ft. )
6. 2 In Luv
7. Winning (ft. )



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