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Amidst dark times, there can be light. And no artist is a better example of this than Cork-hailed multi-instrumentalist , who has produced a raw and melancholic pop track, reflecting on a poignant period of his life.

Organic piano instrumentals and subtle whirring electronic flourishes open “fucked up all the time”, receiving a powerful gust of wind behind its sails when the 22-year-old singer-songwriter opens his emotive vocals.

“I was at home, I'd dropped out of the Royal Academy, and there was a backlash from my family, even my friends, telling me: ‘That's the worst decision you could have possibly made. You're broke. What are you going to do?'” Explains Cian. ‘I was alone in my room and I voice noted a lyric: ‘I'm so sick of feeling so fucked up all the time.' Then I sat down and started playing piano, at one in the morning. It all flooded out. I'd felt awful. But then I felt better.”


I'll Be Waiting
How Do You Know
All For You
Step Dad
Hurt When You Hurt Me
Blame It On You
Endless Nights
Part Of Me
Everyone Who Falls In Love (Has Someone Else They're Thinking Of)
Thank God You Stayed



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