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has returned to the scene with his latest single, “Summer Too Hot.” Perfectly timed for the season, this mid-tempo track is already causing waves and promises to be a summer favorite. The new release comes as a refreshing addition to playlists, especially after Brown's previous album Breezy, which didn't meet the expected sales numbers in 2022

The catchy lyrics and the vibrant beat of “Summer Too Hot” are set to make it a summertime anthem. The song features lines like “Summer too hot not to f*ck it up / Is the mood right? Is it wet enough? / I gotta move right, guess I leveled up,” giving off an energetic vibe perfect for sunny days and beach parties.​

“Summer Too Hot” was released on June 23, 2023. had taken to social media to tease the song's release, sharing snippets and the single's cover art with his followers. He initially hinted at the release on Instagram, stating, “If y'all thought I wasn't going to release a single for the summer…. Think again”​

's prior album, Breezy, released in June 2022, didn't perform as well as expected. However, it has recently been nominated for BET's 2023 Album Of The Year Award, a testament to its quality and appeal. “Summer Too Hot” follows Brown's collaborative track with Chloe Bailey, “How Does It Feel,” building on his diverse musical portfolio.

Last week, Chris Brown took to Instagram to voice his thoughts on “fake artists” and his purpose in creating . In a dynamic post, he revealed that he pursues his career for himself. He mentioned, “DON'T LET PEOPLE GET IN THE WAY OF YOUR PURPOSE AND THE SPIRIT WITHIN YOU,” and continued to express his commitment to evolving and pushing himself beyond his capabilities. For Brown, is a form of self-expression, and he dedicates his art to his passion and love.​

With the release of “Summer Too Hot,” Chris Brown proves that he continues to evolve as an artist. With its catchy lyrics and upbeat tempo, the song is destined to be a summer hit. As fans gear up for beach trips and poolside gatherings, “Summer Too Hot” will undoubtedly be a staple on summer playlists. Whether you are a longtime fan of Chris Brown or just looking for the perfect summer jam, give “Summer Too Hot” a listen.


  • I blew it all on her; I got it right back
  • She put it all on me; I couldn't pipe that
  • She loves when I pull on it when it's tied back
  • You know it's hard to get up out of it; I get sidetracked
  • Shake something, left, correct, control it
  • You know who to call if you're horny (Yeah)
  • Ride on it, greenlight me (Greenlight, greenlight)

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