BTS ‘Take Two' MP3 Download

members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, , and Jungkook are part of their new digital single, Take Two. With the song, they expressed gratitude to fans.

“Take Two” is a digital single released by the South Korean boy group for their 10th anniversary as part of their annual Festa celebrations. The acoustic pop song is dedicated to their fandom, ARMY, celebrating their decade of history.

All seven members take turns singing and rapping on the new track “Take Two,” a breezy and tender ballad with lyrics in both English and Korean: “Wе never felt so young/ When together sing the song.” It's being framed as “an ode to their fans,” who are still showing up in my Twitter mentions to tell me how wrong I am. (I respect the passion, honestly.)

“Take Two” is a reference to takes in cinematography. Takes are usually defined by time; therefore, the first ten years of their career is “take one.” With the song, BTS are starting the second take of their career and inviting their fans to join.


  • Won't you hold my hand? (Yeah, we never felt so right)
  • Need you here tonight (We haven't never felt so young)
  • Oh, we are young forever (Never felt so young)
  • Yeah, never felt, never felt so young

Listen to MP3 & Download it Below:



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