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, a Nashville-based artist, describes his favorite moments in life as those that start without notice but leave a deep impact when they end. He calls them “Ultrapure” moments and they are the inspiration behind his latest . The announcement comes with a fall tour where the singer/songwriter will perform acoustic sets in various record stores across the country. Ultrapure is a testimony of someone who is both scared and excited about the vastness of life.

In his lead single “Body,” Maroney transitions from his usual boyish charm to adult existentialism. The track begins with an infectious arpeggio and each note radiates sunshine. The song has a neurotic vibe with the verses running in circles and the drums pounding ceaselessly. The lyrics express Maroney's fear of death but he also finds freedom in accepting it. He concludes the song by saying that he plans to love like he might never get to love someone again.

The takes a turn from power chords to shy pluckings and descends into acoustic madness. In “Sunburn Fades,” Maroney mourns the nights that consumed him. He was always afraid to feel more intensely than those around him but now he is determined to “scream and sweat it out.” The guitar stings with every strum, patiently accompanying Maroney's emotions. He pleads for his lover to stay with him and make the moment last forever.

The standout track “Delaware” delivers an aching dose of melancholy. The guitar riff is reminiscent of Elliott Smith's style and Maroney begs to be fine more than anything. He sings in falsetto, infusing each breath with pain. The record ends with a nod to the beginning, with the opening chords of the being dimmed down for the ending. Maroney is joined by Samia's sweet falsetto as they sing, “Headfirst into the water, ultrapure like a child.” Maroney ends the album with a quiet wisdom, accepting the way things are and the way they will be.

Briston Lee Maroney, hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee, is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist signed to Atlantic Records and Canvasback Music.


1. Intro
2. Body
3. Breathe
4. Chaos Party
5. Sunburn Fades
6. Sunshine
7. Delaware
8. Detonator
9. The Idea
10. Spring
11. Sink / Swim
12. Skyline
13. Ultrapure



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