Brent Faiyaz, WY@ Download MP3

has released a new song titled ‘WY@' which is now available on all streaming platforms.

This smooth track comes after his collaboration with on ‘Moment of Your Life' in August. In the chorus, Brent sings, “I've been doing things I really shouldn't do for real / That's why I always think I'm through for real / After this time, I'll be through for real”.

has been on his “F*CK The World It's A Wasteland” tour since July 16, 2021, starting from Washington D.C. The tour celebrates his latest albums, “F*** The World” and “WASTELAND,” released in 2020 and 2022, respectively. “WASTELAND” is Faiyaz's most ambitious project to date, and it continues to receive high praise even a year later. Due to the success of his world tour, the R&B singer has not felt the need to release new material.

Throughout 2023, Faiyaz has continued to release singles intermittently. “ALL MINE,” one of the most well-liked tracks from WASTELAND, received a Jersey club remix at the start of the new year. Following that, he collaborated with Marshmello, an EDM producer, on “Fell In Love.” Then, his best single of the year, “Moment Of Your Life” featuring , was released in late August. The two of them made a fantastic duo, and hopefully, they will release more songs together in the . This brings us to “WY@,” a new track that describes Faiyaz's unhealthy entanglement.

Although he has not yet announced a new album, it appears to be on the horizon.


  • Even I know you bring no good for me
  • But you feel so good to me
  • Every time I come back I try to leave
  • So how you end up back with me?
  • Oh (I don't know)
  • This ain't what I want, this is something else

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