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has released a new song titled ‘Child of GOD'. This Los Angeles-based singer has collaborated with San Pedro's rapper on this single. 's new track takes a slightly different approach content-wise from his usual .

“It is one of those songs where I just allowed myself to be vulnerable, so I'm glad to share with the world… I definitely would say it was the chord progression. Instantly, it just gave me that heavy feeling, something that was bigger than myself, so I just ran with it. I just follow my heart. I look at myself as a student, so I try to find a lesson in everything that I face. Any challenge, any battle that I face, I just try to look at it as a lesson. I've been losing a lot of family members as of recently, so I'm trying to keep that spirit alive.,” he told Zane Lowe on Apple .

compared the contrast between himself and another person to the concept of good versus evil, which is a popular theme in entertainment. This theme is also present in his song “Child of GOD,” where he emphasizes the importance of focusing on the good, even when surrounded by evil. Blxst mentioned that he spends most of his time in the studio working on his upcoming album. Check out his latest track below.

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