Bethany Cosentino Natural Disaster Download MP3 ZIP Files

A few months ago, Best Coast announced an indefinite hiatus. However, the band's leader, , is about to release her first solo , “Natural Disaster.” The is scheduled to be released later this week. So far, we've shared two of Cosentino's early songs, “It's Fine” and “For A Moment.” In the lead-up to the 's release, Cosentino has shared the title track.

“Natural Disaster” is a lively and polished power-pop song that differs from 's work with Best Coast. Her voice is utilized effectively in the song, which features chunky guitar chords and a memorable chorus about the impending apocalypse.

The lyrics “This is the hottest summer I can ever remember 'cause the world is on fire / And hey, if we're all dying, then what does it matter? / We're a natural disaster!” may not be catchy on paper, but they come to life when Cosentino sings them.


  1. Natural Disaster
  2. Outta Time
  3. It's Fine
  4. Easy
  5. A Single Day
  6. My Own City
  7. For A Moment
  8. Calling On Angels
  9. Real Life
  10. Hope You're Happy Now
  11. It's A Journey
  12. I've Got News For You



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