Babyface Ray Summer's Mine Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

is taking over the summer with his latest , ‘Summer's Mine,' featuring 16 tracks set to release on July 21. Having just finished a successful tour, the Detroit artist is gearing up for his next project with a message that he represents his city and claims ownership of the summer. Fans can expect more exciting music from shortly.

The ‘Courtesy of the Mob' Tour has not only introduced Veeze as 's right-hand man and a rising star in Detroit but also showcased the immense talent of the Motor City “All-Star Team” in the rap scene. With Summers Mine and Ganger adding to the mix, it's shaping to be a Wavy Navy summer.

Backstage at his New York show, Ray appears to be enthusiastic as he converses with Queens artist Shawny Binladen. He cites Fabolous, Jim Jones, and Juelz Santana as his sources of inspiration. The tour has been an excellent experience for Ray, who is optimistic about the future. He admits that he is not very social but has been enjoying city-hopping.

As showtime approaches at Webster Hall, Ray consults with a DJ to finalize his set-list sequence. His hit song, “Sincerely Face,” which has garnered 6 million views on YouTube, will be second on the list. Before taking the stage, Ray reveals that he has a new mixtape in the works and is excited about it. He doesn't divulge any more details but confidently declares that the summer belongs to him.



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