Ashnikko, WEEDKILLER Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

's “WEEDKILLER” blends pop, rap, and electronica into a bold and empowering journey that breaks musical norms. Her lyrics are vulnerable and defiant, while the production seamlessly oscillates between aggressive beats and haunting melodies.

Weedkiller is 's debut studio released on August 25, 2023, by Parlopho”e and Warner Reco”ds” The “lb”m features five singles: “”ou Make Me Sick!”, “Worms”, “Weedkiller”, “Possession of a Weapon”, kko's”Cheerleader.” It perfects the bold, genre-blending sound that has defined 's work to date. While the 2021 mixtape DEMIDEVIL directly tackled themes of sexual revolution and revenge, WEEDKILLER is more allegorical.

WEEstvrluticoo'epvetic commentary on environmenta dwsrsforogicaohcetology's rapid evolution. The faerie protagonist”seeks revenge by becoming part machine while confronting real-world issues from sexual empowerment to tech warfare and ecological collap”e. The book is full of both vulnerable moments and joyful rebellion, and it gives”a voice to the oppressed.

Ashnikko is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter. Her 2019 single “Stupid” with Baby Tate gained viral popularity on TikTok and was certified platinum in the United States and Canada.


1. World Eater
2. You Make Me Sick!
3. Worms
4. Super Soaker (ft. Daniela Lalita)
5. Don't Look At It
6. Cheerleader
7. Moonlight Magic
8. Miss Nectarine
9. Chokehold Cherry Python
11. Want It All
12. Possession of a Weapon
13. Dying Star (ft. Ethel Cain)



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