Armand Hammer, We Buy Diabetic Test Strips Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

, the NYC rap duo of and ELUCID, have officially announced their eighth studio . Following their 2021 cult favorite Haram, produced by The Alchemist, they'll deliver We Buy Diabetic Test Strips on September 29 via Fat Possum Records.

has announced a new , We Buy Diabetic Test Strips, out on September 29. The Elucid and duo invited Moor Mother, Soul Glo's Pierce Jordan (aka ), Pink Siifu, Junglepussy, , and Cavalier to feature on the LP. Check out the tracklist below.

Last we heard from , aka and Elucid, we posted about the NYC hip-hop duo's 2021 collaborative with the Alchemist, Haram. Now, it looks like they're teasing a new project. It's not exactly a secret, as postcards have gone out to fans, one of whom detailed the further information on Reddit: “Got a card with the tracklist in the mail. Front said, ‘Armand Hammer, We Buy Diabetic Test Strips, 1-877-ARM-N-HMR. QR code led to the pre-save for the that had the release date and cover.”

Armand Hammer teased the announcement since confirmed by their management, with a series of mysterious postcards, flyers (see below), and phone numbers that lead to album pre-saves and details, as Reddit users discovered. The duo's last record was Haram, with the Alchemist; Billy Woods released Maps with Kenny Segal this year.


01 Landlines // Download MP3
02 Woke Up and Asked Siri How I'm Gonna Die [ft. Jpegmafia] // Download MP3
03 The Flexible Unreliability of Time & Memory // Download MP3
04 When It Doesn't Start With a Kiss // Download MP3
05 I Keep A Mirror in My Pocket [ft. Cavalier] // Download MP3
06 Trauma Mic [ft. Pink Siifu] // Download MP3
07 Niggardly (Blocked Call) // Download MP3
08 The God's Must Be Crazy [ft. ] // Download MP3
09 Y'all Can't Stand Right Here [ft. Junglepussy and ] // Download MP3
10 Total Recall // Download MP3
11 Empire Blvd [ft. Junglepussy and Curly Castro] // Download MP3
12 Don't Lose Your Job [ft. Pink Siifu and Moor Mother] // Download MP3
13 Supermooned [ft. DJ Haram] // Download MP3
14 Switchboard // Download MP3
15 The Key Is Under the Mat [ft. Jpegmafia] // Download MP3



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