Ariana Delawari, I Will Remember Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

, an Afghan-American musician, activist, and filmmaker, has release her new , I Will Remember. The features Devendra Banhart and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, along with the recently shared single featuring Farmer Dave Scher.

Delawari's earlier work includes her debut , Lion of Panjshir, which was released on David Lynch's record label to great acclaim. She also made a film, We Came Home (2013), which documented her family and her travels to and from Afghanistan over a ten-year period.

During the recording of I Will Remember, Delawari experienced significant personal trauma with the passing of her mother and brother-in-law, as well as the fall of her home country to the Taliban. Despite this, her collaboration with Banhart on the remains graceful and meditative, with the sitar's reverb and frequency adding to its dream-like quality.

Through her music, Delawari aims to bring voices to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless. This message is evident in the single “You Can Love Again,” which offers an omen of positivity amidst the album's personal and traumatic events.


Cloak of Lies (Feat. Farmer Dave Scher)
With You
Blood and the Fame
I Will Remember (Feat. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
Each Step (Feat. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
How Can I Know You
Beyond the Wall (Feat. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Farmer Dave Scher)
Balkh (Feat. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
Tread Lightly
Coming Home to You
You Can Love Again (Feat. Devendra Banhart)
Another Day (Feat. Farmer Dave Scher)



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