Mora PARAISO Album Download ZIP

Puerto Rican producer-turned-artist amps up his sound on “Paraso”

Mora, a Puerto Rican musician and producer, has played back-to-back gigs across Europe. He traveled the world and listened to music. Deep house blends and Balearic sounds kept Ibiza’s dance floors running all night.

“I told Rolling Stone after my tour, ‘I’m heading to Ibiza,'” Gabriel Mora Quintero, a 26-year-old artist, spent four weeks on the island. Always composing songs, he released “Paradiso” before he realized it. He says, “It’s a party.” “Faster BPM makes it easier to dance. It’s unlike anything I’ve done.”

Second album this year. Last year, he released Microdosis. It reinforced his status as a renegade with an alternative mind who blended tropical, electronic, and reggaeton genres with melancholy lyrics. Mora has been touring the world, making 2022 his busiest and most innovative year yet. When he talks to Rolling Stone, he’s still recovering from his October homecoming gig at Puerto Rico’s Coca-Cola Music Hall. “It’s different in Puerto Rico,” he explains. “Your people thrill you. We won despite our jitters.”



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