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Lila Drew’s debut album is titled ‘All The Places I Could Be’

Her experiences may have given the songwriter’s work depth. Lila, who was raised in LA and studied at Yale before moving to London, combines literate and empathetic songwriting.

The singer’s graduation album is out on November 11. It’s led by new ballad ‘Lila’s Theme,’ which features a gorgeous vocal.

Joan Didion’s essay The White Album influenced ‘Lila’s Theme’ Its honesty mirrors Lila Drew’s.

Lila praises Didion’s “poignant” and “unromantic” writing in a note. Adding…

“[Didion] was the first woman I’d read who discussed mental health honestly. Her work has inspired much of my music and non-music writing.

“I was thinking about how communication was so different when she wrote ‘The White Album’ and when I wrote ‘Lila’s Theme’ How communication has changed our relationships. This is the theme of Lila’s Theme and many of my songs.

Vincent Haycock directed the cinematic video at Mexico City’s Cuadra San Cristobal.


  1. Used To
  2. Selfish
  3. 2023
  4. Magnolia 10 Interlude
  5. Lucky
  6. Crystal Ball
  7. Places I Could Be Interlude
  8. Bad Juice
  9. What Are You Doing
  10. Lila’s Theme
  11. Moments



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