Drake & 21 Savage Her Loss Album Download ZIP

Drake and 21 Savage’s highly anticipated joint project Her Loss has finally been released after weeks of fake interviews, a release date delay, and a COVID-19 scare.

The album has 16 tracks and only one guest appearance, Travis Scott on track number 10 titled “P***y & Millions.”

The dynamic duo release the album’s first single, “3 AM On Glenwood,” on Friday (November 4), which 21 Savage independently slid on the Noah “40” Shebib produced record. The news of the collaborative album was announced last month, along with the music video for their Honestly, Nevermind collaboration, “Jimmy Cooks,” from Honestly, Nevermind.

While Her Loss was initially set to drop on October 28th, the dynamic duo pushed it back after discovering that “40,” Drake’s longtime producer had contracted Covid-19.

“While mixing and mastering the crack, our brother @ovo40 got Covid, so he’s resting up,” Drake said in a message. “HER LOSS day is November 4th; we’ll see you soon.” Stream Her Loss, available now on Apple Music and Spotify.


  1. Rich Flex
  2. Major Distribution
  3. On BS
  4. Backoutsideboyz
  5. Privileged Rappers
  6. Spin Bout U
  7. Hours in Silence
  8. Treacherous Twins
  9. Circo Loco
  10. Pussy & Millions
  11. Broke Boys
  12. Middle of the Ocean
  13. Jumbotron Shit Poppin
  14. More M’s
  15. 3am on Glenwood
  16. I Guess It’s F**k Me



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