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takes us on a journey through the history of technology in “Mindful Solutionism.” raps about the evolution of human innovation and its impact on the world.

, a great songwriter and world-builder from Syosset, New York, has recently released a new single called “Mindful Solutionism”. He has been impressing people since the late 90s with his ability to tell stories through rap and is considered one of the best underground artists in the hip-hop genre. It seems that he is about to release a new album, which has created quite a buzz among his fans.

The single “Mindful Solutionism” takes the listener on a three-minute journey, exploring how humans have developed as a society over time. Aesop mentions that technology has played a vital role in our evolution, from the invention of the wheel to cell phones and appliances. The song also highlights how we are responsible for some of the negative aspects of the technology we have developed. This track seems to be the overall theme of his upcoming album, “Integrated Tech Solutions,” which is set to release on November 10, 2023.

The video for “Mindful Solutionism” is visually stunning and aligns well with the message of the song. Aesop's fans are excited about his new project and eagerly waiting for its release.

What do you think about Aesop Rock's new single? Do you consider him one of the most creative minds in hip-hop today? Are you looking forward to his upcoming album? Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.


  • Cameras in your favorite corners, plastic in the wilderness
  • We can not be trusted with the stuff that we come up with
  • The machinery could eat us, we just really love our buttons, um
  • Technology, focus on the other s***
  • 3D-printed body parts, dehydrated onion dip
  • You can buy a Jet Ski from a cell phone on a jumbo jet

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