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from Brooklyn is releasing their second , Spirit in the Room, on August 4 through Western Vinyl. The was produced by Jeff Berner of Psychic TV and showcases the band's captivating and otherworldly sound, which they first introduced on their impressive debut Unmask Whoever.

According to frontman Travis Johnson, unlike their first , the band had the opportunity to perform some of their less electronic songs live before recording their latest . Some of these tracks had been rehearsed for over a year and evolved during their live performances. Upon returning home, the band revisited and reworked many of these songs. Some were ultimately discarded and have not been played since. Johnson emphasized the importance of each part of a song feeling earned or necessary, particularly when trying to capture an audience's attention.

Johnson's first single, “Careful Let's Sleepwalk,” has a dark and surreal quality. According to Johnson, the lyrics are inspired by fragments of dreams that left him with a sense of unease, danger, shame, and repulsion without any obvious explanation. The feeling of evil in the dream is linked to grotesque and dreadful forms that appear mundane on the outside. The song's overall mood reflects the current state of the world where everything seems to be designed to drive us insane.


1. Department of Blood
2. Heaven Chords
3. Careful Lets Sleepwalk
4. Where The Art Is Hung
5. Cloud Come Here
6. Ect Frag
7. Icing
8. I Like What You Like
9. Sophia
10. I Saw His Eyes
11. Susan Medical City



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