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Ariyan Arslani (stage name ) is a rapper from Queens known for his hedonistic lyrics, food references, comically boastful persona, quick temper, and live stage antics that include wrestling moves like body-slamming audience members. His name comes from a combination of his graffiti tagging name (Action) and actor Charles Bronson. He is also known as ‘Bam Bam' and ‘Bronsoliño.'

Bronson released a solo album, a collab album (which reached #13 on Billboard's Heatseekers Chart), and two mixtapes before 's manager Paul Rosenberg took him on as a client and got him signed to Vice Records.

His first release after getting signed was the EP Saab Stories, which reached #6 on the US Rap Albums Chart and #63 on the Billboard 200. Bronson's next mixtape, Blue Chips 2, was named one of the best mixtapes of 2013 by Rolling Stone.


  • Everything all-inclusive
  • She is holding on to me like a suction cup
  • We at Hamada should be hushin' up
  • Thousand dollar meal isn't no rushin' us
  • Left the coupe runnin' as we rushed in the
  • Now this bitch ain't got her waist snatched like mine
  • Hoe at home in some baby blue Vlone
  • Sweet aromatic, come and sing me a song
  • Double cuppin' me; I ate an eighth, and it's gone
  • I feel like Dr. Pepper; let's debate its strong

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