454 & SURF GANG Fast 5 Download MP3 ZIP Files

Two prominent names in New York City's rap scene are and . Evilgiane, the co-founder of , has successfully translated his collective's success in the local underground scene into production credits for A$AP Rocky's “OUR DE$TINY,” Earl Sweatshirt's “Making The Band,” and Kendrick Lamar & Baby Keem's “The Hillbillies.”

Meanwhile, , originally from Florida, has broken away from the plugging wave to create a distinct, captivating sound. His latest , “Fast Trax 3,” was among our top favorites of 2022.

and are set to release a joint EP called “Fast 5” on July 12. The EP features five tracks, including the lead single “Gangster Party,” which is out now. The song, co-produced by Evilgiane and Eera, has a dreamy, otherworldly beat and showcases a mix of personal confession and club-banger lyrics from 454. Check out the music video above to hear it for yourself.



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