Types Of People You’ll Always Find On An Extended Family Trip

More and more families are opting to take annual vacations together, increasing the popularity of multigenerational family getaways. Grandparents, parents, and children of all ages may bond on these unforgettable excursions while exploring the world’s most fascinating and breathtaking locations.

Naturally, organizing a trip for multiple generations of a family can be challenging. When planning a vacation, it’s important to consider everyone’s hobbies and preferences, from lounging on the beach to exploring the forest. Because it is easy to book a trip with CodedHits, more and more families are bringing along multiple generations on their vacations.

A few common categories of people show up when extended families travel together. Let’s look at the different types of people you might meet on your next family trip, from the daring eater to the culture vulture to the action hero.

The One Who Enjoys Trying New Foods

Is it true that tripe stew is a typical Roman dish? Naturally, they will give it a shot. What, you eat bugs for breakfast? Why should we? The Adventurous Eater is always looking for new and intriguing dining experiences. They are quick to try the most bizarre and strange cuisine, even if they know it will make most of their family uncomfortable.

They have found that maintaining an open mind has led them to new experiences. One family member particularly enjoys discovering the cultural and historical importance behind various cuisines. They are a true foodie and have probably already done their homework on “where to find the best croissants in Paris” (or they know they should ask a native).

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Culture Lover

Cultural Connoisseurs, or Culture Vultures, seek fresh and intriguing cultural experiences in a destination. This person may love history, art, or music on a multigenerational family excursion. They’ll suggest museums, galleries, and historical sites first. Follow this family member to learn more about a place or painting—they’ve probably done their research.

The Hero of Action

Action, camera, light! You might question where the Action Hero personality type gets energy because they constantly move. On a multigenerational family vacation, the Action Hero, who thrives on physical challenges, will keep track of everyone’s steps and suggest a race up the nearest hill.

They are the type of person who will excitedly ascend the 200 steps of a historic bell tower to see the scenery. Sign them up if there’s a chance to make them nervous. They would say YES to everything that gets them moving, including hiking, climbing, surfing, kayaking, and other new sports and activities. The Action Hero can be a fantastic organizer of enjoyable group events, but watch out not to exhaust the other family members!

Patient Planning

The Patient Planner is undoubtedly the most organized family member because they always carry a pen and a notepad. They frequently conduct the necessary study, select the route, and carry out the specifics. They are the ones that ensure that every detail of the journey is taken care of, from making reservations at restaurants to being aware of the location of the next gas station.

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Planning a trip for a multigenerational family takes a lot of work. The only way to properly give the Patient Planner a rest is to enlist the help of a dependable outsider. Having a seasoned travel director is the ideal solution to this problem, allowing your family’s trip planner to unwind, knowing everything will go according to plan.

The Linguist by Nature

“Per favore, un caffè,” the Natural Linguist states in near-perfect Italian. This travel personality type can naturally learn and use new languages. They enjoy the challenge of talking in their original language with locals.

They may spend some time before the trip studying phrases or language or wing it with exasperating success. Whether they look ahead of time or rely on high school language lessons, they are a valuable asset to any international trip since they bridge language gaps with locals and, most crucially, ensure everyone gets their daily caffeine fix.

The Social Butterfly

While on vacation, this effusive personality type is in its element. The Social Butterfly is outgoing, amicable, and always up for a good time. He or she enjoys forging new connections and meeting new people.

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This relative will initiate conversations with strangers on the street and sign everyone up for social activities such as dance classes. The most significant aspect of having this individual in the household is that they help break the ice. They are a ton of joy and may help you make connections you would have missed otherwise.

The Laid-Back One

The Laid-Back One and the Patient Planner are complete opposites, like yin and yang. This type is a family member who is “happy to be here” and goes with the flow. They have a laid-back attitude and don’t mind being surprised or not knowing what will happen. They are also open to changing plans or taking breaks.

They like going to the main attractions but are just as happy to sit in a bar and watch people. When a family of different ages goes on a trip together, the Laid-Back One can ease stress or make the journey more balanced. They will go on any trip if you tell them where to send the money.

Have you taken a trip with family members of different ages? Did any of these travelers show up while you were on the road? Tell us what you think…

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