Travel Director Pino Discusses His Hopes For Sustainable Travel

What are some eco-friendly ways to get around? In what ways may tourism help environmental protection? How can we, as individuals, make our vacations less taxing on the environment? Where do you see sustainable tourism going from here? These are the questions that have been plaguing us as of late. As part of our sustainability series and in honor of Earth Month, we polled one of our most beloved Travel Directors, Pino Campi, who has been leading tours in Italy for us since 2012.

We called him right away to get his thoughts on sustainable travel, his experiences with CodedHits over the previous decade, and his predictions for the future of ecotourism.

Where do you like to travel to the most and why?

Sicily has my heart. I adore everything about it, from the food to the beaches to the hotel that we stay at whenever we go there. You have the islands that are located off the coast. You have so many options available that you need help deciding which path to take.

Ice cream and cannoli are two delicious treats found in Sicily. They make gorgeous desserts with the almonds and lemons they grow there, so go check it out. It has come to my attention that Sicily is currently home to significant activity related to renewable energy sources. Windmills are commonplace, but other renewable energy sources, such as waves and currents, are also being utilized.

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What does sustainable travel mean to you?

Sustainable travel includes all economic, social, and environmental aspects. So considering ecological and community impacts and methods to improve. Finding a balance between being responsible when traveling and protecting the environment is critical.

What part, in your opinion, can the tourism sector play in preserving the environment?

Beyond lowering plastic waste, tourism can benefit the environment in various ways. More significant initiatives, such as helping to establish new natural parks and regions of exceptional beauty. Projects that contribute to fewer instances of wildlife poaching are crucial.

Enhancing water quality is one seemingly straightforward action that can significantly impact the environment and humans. It goes without saying that any method of raising money for environmental protection will have a significant and long-lasting effect.

What are your thoughts on how sustainable travel might assist local communities?

Tourism can touch and aid individuals from all walks of life, spending money locally and supporting local small businesses. Social impact programs target women, young people, and other vulnerable groups or minorities.

Furthermore, merely traveling and mingling with groups other than your own can foster tolerance among people as they learn and better appreciate each other’s cultures.

Which initiatives or programs have a positive impact on sustainable travel?

In Sicily, a dear acquaintance of mine operates a donkey rescue center. These donkeys are rescued from dire circumstances. In addition to assisting schools and students with mental health issues, the rescue center engages in tourism activities. It is the ideal project because she is helping both the donkeys and the community. Donkeys are sweet, gentle, and attractive creatures, making them suitable for working with children.

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What moves or changes that are good for the industry would you like to keep going?

Yes, you’re asking a good question. I like the one about not using plastic bags to clean the ocean. That’s important. I also want to see more trees grow and change how people use things. Also, recycling and thinking about how we get around is essential, like taking buses instead of cars or walking or riding bikes when we can.

What do you do on the road to reduce your impact on the environment?

With CodedHits, we rarely use disposable plastic bottles. These days, I rarely use paper because most tasks can be completed digitally. I travel lightly and avoid tourist traps to give back to local businesses. When traveling with CodedHits, I appreciate that the hotels we visit have keycards for the lights. I make an effort to steer clear of single-use plastics and select environmentally friendly means of urban transportation.

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Guests are welcome to bring their own water bottles and fill them up whenever they like. In Rome, for instance, there are several public water fountains at which to replenish the bottle. It is unnecessary to purchase water. I’ve witnessed several changes during my ten years with CodedHits. About 75% of guests now bring a reusable bottle, and that number keeps rising every year. In addition, more and more of our visitors are thinking about how their vacation habits affect the environment.

What do you envision the future of environmentally responsible travel bringing?

Does anyone know anything about these electric airplanes? Since I travel quite a bit by air, having access to these in the future would be fantastic. The act of flying has such a significant impact. Yet, electric planes are considerably better for the environment than conventional ones and can even be fueled by the sun.

It was in Paris in 2019 that they made their debut. According to reports, they only cost approximately $8 every 100 kilometers, or even less, if they can generate solar or wind power electricity. Electric airplanes would be a huge game changer for travel and significantly lower the industry’s overall carbon impact.

Do you have more ideas about the future of sustainable travel? Leave us a comment…

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