Ways We Love Our Guests & How We Show It

We’ve had alot of visitors, and we appreciate you all. You guys are fantastic because you’re open-minded, social, and enthusiastic about exploring the world.

In recognition of our distinguished visitors, we would like to share eight reasons why we want our prior CodedHits passengers. We’ll explain how we offer appreciation through discounts, the VIT club, and the Travel Unlocked Awards, where you could win a trip for two to the Balkans lasting 12 days. Read on to learn more…

1. We adore our previous CodedHits passengers because… They keep coming back over and over

Once you’ve taken a trip with CodedHits… What’s wrong with you? We consider our returning CodedHits customers to be among our most treasured assets. And as a token of our appreciation, we offer access to the CodedHits loyalty program’s Very Important Traveller (VIT) club.

Any customer who books a trip with CodedHits or one of our other Travel Corporation brands is instantly upgraded to VIT status. That opens the door to a world of unbeatable bargains!

In addition to first access to new trips and special acknowledgment on our travels, those who have traveled with CodedHits between one and four times are eligible for a 5% discount on special deals when new trips are published or during Secret Sales. In addition, if you’ve taken four or more excursions with us, you’ll always get 5% off your next one. There’s no good reason for you to stop visiting!

2. They are a sociable group of people

We are all highly social people, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve stayed at CodedHits in the past, the present, or the future. Our guests absolutely adore connecting on social media and exchanging travel advice, anecdotes, photographs, and other topics! We even have a private Facebook page for CodedHits travelers with over 6,000 members, where you can interact with others who share your passion for travel, post images from your adventures, and discuss past and future travel plans.

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We’ve also invited more than five million people who have traveled with CodedHits in the past to share their favorite CodedHits Moments through the CodedHits Unlocked Awards.

3. They enjoy discussing their travels

Travel memories… CodedHits alumni love to share travel! We appreciate reposting your CodedHits trip photographs and videos on Facebook and Instagram.

No better opportunity to share your travel pics! Travel Unlocked Awards began. Share your favorite CodedHits moment to win a 12-day Balkans tour, including airfare. Well done!

Share your most amazing CodedHits moments on IG or Twitter, and tell us why it was exceptional. Tag @CodedHitstravel and use #simplyCodedHits and #CodedHitsunlockedawards. Upload your photo or video here to enter. Happy snapping!

4. They have a variety

Over five million guests have traveled with us, and we’re still going. And what a diverse group you are! We have had visitors worldwide, including the Americas, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa. We enjoy bringing individuals of various ages, genders, and cultures together, as well as diverse travelers, kinds as families, couples, single parents, and lone travelers. We also honor it by making sure there is something for everyone.

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We offer more than 20 travel options, from romantic getaways and babymoons to city breaks and safari vacations. We provide everything you need, whether you desire a quick getaway or a sightseeing extravaganza. We also offer trips exclusively for women and led by women. On several trips, we offer discounted single supplements and exclusive single-room upgrades for solitary travelers. If you’re traveling in a party of ten or more, we’ll even work with you to design a personalized tour that suits your needs.

5. They become like family

You get to know our team members and fellow guests on a deeper level after traveling with CodedHits and spending days or weeks on the road with us. During their vacations, our visitors frequently bond with our kind Travel Directors, pleasant Drivers, knowledgeable Local Specialists, and other guests.

They follow them on social media for years, keeping up with their experiences or even meeting up to travel again… just like family. We’ve even had guests make lifetime friendships with other travelers and continue to meet and travel together to this day!

6. They are courageous

Our CodedHits past guests are truly intrepid travelers. We travel to over 300 destinations on six continents, and there is nowhere our visitors will not go. Our guests always want new adventures, whether they want to explore secret gems like Georgia & Armenia, remote destinations like Easter Island and Namibia, or great wildernesses like Patagonia and the Amazon.

With our Last Minute Deals, we’ve covered you if you’re also the spontaneous variety. With these deals, you can secure and travel within four months while saving much money! You can also book confidently and travel worry-free thanks to our guarantee of free, straightforward modifications and peace of mind.

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7. They move in a good way

Our past CodedHits guests care as much as we do about traveling sensibly and reasonably for the world. And that’s why we love you! We know it’s our job to help the people and places we visit regarding their economy and the environment, so we’ve set up our sustainability plan, How We Tread Right, through our TreadRight Foundation. We’ve also put our unique MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® experiences on more than 63% of our trips so that your travels can help preserve culture, protect the environment, and keep wildlife safe worldwide.

8. They all share a passion for adventure

If you’re on the fence about joining us on a CodedHits tour, rest assured that you’ll feel at home with our group and have an unforgettable experience. How to do we? Because we all have a passion for exploring new places.

It makes no difference what background you come from… We have a common interest in seeing the globe and a shared enthusiasm for exploring it. Join our community, embark on a journey with us, and experience the warmth we save for our CodedHits visitors.

Tell us about a favorite CodedHits experience. What do you think? Tell us in the comments! Remember to submit your stories for consideration in the CodedHits Unlocked Awards.

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