Travel Director Patrizia Shares Her Solo Egypt Trip

Regarding one of our journeys to Egypt, what is it like to go by yourself as a female traveler? We wanted a better feel for the tour experience in Egypt, so we sent our Travel Director, Patrizia, there.

Since the CodedHits tours that the Travel Director based in Milan generally leads take place in Italy, we decided to send her on our Best of Egypt trip so that she could experience an entirely new continent, nation, and culture while traveling alone. What were some of the highlights of her journey? Did she ever feel lonely while traveling by herself? What advice does she have for other women traveling by themselves who are thinking about visiting Egypt?

Have you traveled much before coming to Egypt? Did the vacation spot live up to your hopes and expectations?

This was the third time that I had visited Egypt. A little over a decade ago, I went on a cruise down the Nile, and on another trip, I went to the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea Riviera. Both of these places are in Egypt. Since I was in the third grade and first learned about this country’s incredible history and architecture, Egypt has always been one of my top travel destinations. I am fortunate to have been allowed to go to Egypt a third time because the country has such a diverse and intricate history that it needs some time to fully comprehend.

Tell us about your three most memorable experiences during your recent trip to Egypt’s best attractions.

I had a wonderful time traveling down the Nile and seeing the many towns, farms, and ways the locals go about their daily lives. I had the distinct impression that I was participating in a documentary and being shown the world in its unfiltered form. The sun setting over the Nile is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking sights I’ve ever witnessed.

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Seeing the pyramids and all of the temples, and the graves of the pharaohs was another highlight for me. It was mesmerizing to learn what the carvings meant and what the different symbols stood for. The stone characters really came to life thanks to the efforts of our Travel Director, Mohamed. I had been to several museums worldwide and seen a lot of Egyptian antiquities there, but seeing them here was overwhelming, and everything suddenly made more sense and fit into place.

The experience of meeting the kind and kind El Boerey family and having the privilege of touring their home ranks as the third most memorable part of the trip for me. While there, they served us sugar cane juice, mint tea, freshly baked bread, homemade molasses syrup, and other delicacies as we listened to stories about their daily lives. I was very aback to learn that their son is pursuing a degree in cyber-security, given that they live a relatively rural life on the farm. What an excellent strategy for overcoming common misunderstandings.

How was solitary female travel in Egypt? Toured safely?

Women should visit Egypt alone but with a tour group. Our excellent Travel Director, Mohamed, handled security checks at every site.

Always follow the Travel Director’s advice when walking outside the attractions. After learning how to handle pushy sellers, I felt more confident walking alone.

Tourists stand out in the little communities along the Nile, and locals look at you with typical curiosity. Cairo’s 26 million residents are busy and don’t notice foreigners. Some smile or nod and continue. I felt safe walking around Cairo.

In shops and cafes, many people spoke English, making communication easy. My fellow walkers tried to comprehend me. I asked other women for directions.

What kinds of activities do you often enjoy doing when you travel?

When I travel, I try my best to learn about the local way of life and to show the utmost respect for their beliefs and customs. I enjoy visiting fruit and vegetable markets to sample regional cuisine and observe people’s lives. I also want history and art. Therefore I see a variety of museums to fully appreciate the cultural legacy.

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Although I don’t enjoy high-intensity activities, I enjoy riding boats, trams, trains, and cable cars when available. We took an extremely tranquil Felucca boat trip while in Aswan, which I thoroughly loved.

What’s it like to meet other travel directors from around the world?

Even if you’ve only recently met someone, seeing a coworker is like seeing a close friend. Funny enough, I already knew some Egyptian coworkers through Instagram, and it was great to finally meet them in person.

What was it like to be on the road as CodedHits’s guest rather than the Travel Director?

I learned so much from being a guest rather than the Travel Director at CodedHits. As a Travel Director, I noted several methods to handle things for my future trip.

Our excellent Mohamad presented a thorough commentary on many themes. Still, at the end of each discussion, he had a great way of summarizing what he had just explained – making it much simpler to take in Egypt’s rich legacy. I now better understand how difficult it must be to recall sophisticated commentary.

Were you able to make connections with the other excursion participants? Did you feel like a member of the group while traveling by yourself?

There were quite a few solitary travelers in our group, and we formed strong bonds. We would look out for each other if we ran behind schedule. It was much simpler to figure out exchange rates and practice tiresome haggling when souvenir shopping with a fellow traveler.

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It was like having a friend in town when a few of us would go out together after completing the day’s scheduled activities. I felt like part of the group, and even though the tour was over, we were still in contact.

What tips would you give to other women who want to go on solo trips to Egypt?

The best way to see this great country is by traveling alone and with a group. The tour runs like a well-oiled machine; the service, lodging, and sightseeing are top-notch. Everything is set up, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

The days can be full of things to do, but you can also hang out on the deck and watch the Nile go by. Or, you can join one of the optional events to see more of the area, or you can walk alone or with another traveler.

Where would you most like to go on your next vacation? Where else would you like to go before you die?

One of my lifelong goals is to travel to Japan. Before I visit, I do a lot of research about the place in question to familiarize myself with the local culture. As a wine enthusiast, I’d also like a trip to the Bordeaux region of France.

Do you have anything else to share about your travels or stay in Egypt?

Beautiful sunsets and breathtaking scenery made our Nile cruise feel like something out of a dream. The cabin was roomy and had a big window for natural light. Delicious fresh slices of bread, regional specialties, and foreign fare were all available on board. Returning to this service after a day of sightseeing was a welcome relief.

Could you float down the Nile or join one of our trips to Egypt? Tell us what you think…

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