A Tennis Star, A Comic Who Is Known All Over The World, And The Swiss Alps. So, What Does It All Mean?

A tennis star, a comic who is known all over the world, and the Swiss Alps. So, what does it all mean?

It’s only natural that Switzerland would occupy a special place in our hearts, what with its picturesque Alpine landscape, rich traditions, and welcoming people. That’s why we’re thrilled to work with Switzerland Tourism to promote a new movie featuring Roger Federer, a tennis legend from Switzerland, and Trevor Noah, a comedian from the United Kingdom.

The movie follows the two characters as they get into a few scrapes and travel across Switzerland on a train. And as a part of our CodedHits neighborhood, you’ll get first dibs on seeing this legendary team in action.

Check this out:

We talked to two people in the travel business who know Switzerland better than anyone else to get the inside scoop on the film and the experiences that await CodedHits visitors in that country. Simon Bosshart, Chief Markets Officer East for Switzerland Tourism, and Gavin Tollman, CEO of The Travel Corporation, call Switzerland home.

Simon, please tell us a little about the newest video released with Roger Federer and Trevor Noah, as well as why CodedHits Tours was the only choice to be your joint launch partner.

Roger Federer announced his retirement from professional tennis in 2017, capping up an unparalleled run in the sport. However, he continues to serve as a brand ambassador for Switzerland Tourism both now and in the past. This makes perfect sense when you consider that Roger Federer has been, is, and will continue to be not only the most accomplished athlete to have come from Switzerland but also the most influential representative of the nation.

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“The most convincing evidence of this can be found in the past two years, during which time he worked closely with Switzerland Tourism to establish new benchmarks for promoting national tourism. This year, the Switzerland Tourism brand ambassador will once again get acting support, following the example set by Robert De Niro in 2021 and Anne Hathaway in 2022, who both appeared alongside him in front of the camera.

“Trevor Noah, a comedian, presenter, and actor, is the co-star of the 2023 campaign. Like Roger Federer, Noah is half Swiss and half South African. The audience is given the impression that Switzerland is an attractive travel location, and the film places considerable emphasis on rail travel. To further use our connection with TTC Tour companies to promote our country and share our campaign’s content with CodedHits subscribers makes us really glad and proud.

Gavin, why does CodedHits Tours value this launch partnership?

I’m pleased with TTC Tour Brands’ longstanding cooperation with Switzerland Tourism. I was born in South Africa and have lived in Switzerland for almost 14 years. I am still awestruck by the beauty of the landscapes, the Swiss way of life, and the melting pot of cultures that give the country its soul.

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I’m grateful that TTC Tour Brands and Switzerland Tourism have promoted Switzerland for so long. The new Switzerland Tourism campaign with Roger Federer and Trevor Noah illustrates the odd reasons to visit Switzerland.

Gavin, Simon – Why should travelers select Switzerland as their next destination, in your own words, as two Swiss locals who get to enjoy the country’s magic every day?

“There are so many things I adore about Switzerland, but I think the thing I value most is the variety of experiences available here, from other cultures and languages to breathtaking landscapes and traditions, all in such a compact geographic space,” says Simon.

Furthermore, because Switzerland is a tiny country, traveling around it is quick and easy, and everywhere you go, you’ll find stunning mountains, glaciers, rivers, and lakes.

“The Grand Train Tour of Switzerland is an excellent option if you enjoy taking trains. A 1,280-kilometer train ride in lovely scenery. There is no predetermined course or duration, but the panoramic vistas are breathtaking. You are accessible to board and exit at any time. Whether at the Rhine Falls or Lake Lucerne, in Zermatt or St. Moritz, in the Canton of Ticino or the Lavaux, etc.

Gavin: “I love to travel, and every morning I discover that Switzerland is a country that is truly unlike any other. It’s undoubtedly one of a kind to look out at peaks higher than 4,000 meters, swim in gorgeous lakes, eat local cheese made by people in little villages, or experiencing the history and culture of places like Geneva, where I currently reside.

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“I love to share this with others because the nation provides tourists an unrivaled vacation spot, whether summer, winter, fall, or spring. And if that weren’t enough, Switzerland is setting the bar for environmentally friendly travel by inventing the deserved phrase “Swisstainable.” Switzerland has traditionally taken excellent care of its environment, leaving it unspoiled so that it can actually affect us.

What one word would you use to describe Switzerland?

“Excellence,” says Simon.

Gavin: “Soul-stirring”

As Gavin and Simon described, Switzerland is a location of brilliance and splendor, with unrivaled natural beauty, rich cultural diversity, and a solid dedication to sustainability.

And CodedHits can help you discover the finest of the Swiss way of life on our finest of Switzerland or Contrasts of Switzerland trips. When you travel with CodedHits, you will see must-see landmarks such as The Matterhorn and Lake Lucerne. You’ll also gain access to unique, local experiences, such as dining with a winery owner overlooking Lake Geneva.

In addition, all bookings booked before April 6, 2023, will receive a $50 (or £50, €50, or R1,000) credit toward your Switzerland tour.

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