Warm Places to Go in February to Find Sunshine

The time for celebrating Christmas and New Year’s is passed. You’ve reported for duty once again. The cold and darkness seem to be here to stay. It’s no surprise that February is when most people in the Northern Hemisphere experience the winter blues. A remedy? The sun is shining! Prepare for flights rather than colds by setting your sights on these sun-drenched destinations.

February is the perfect time to follow the sun to any of these seven warm destinations, ranging from Kenya and Brazil to Thailand and Australia.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with an average daytime temperature: of 31°C

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is one of the most famously warm places to visit in February. Why? It’s a beautiful day, and the temperature is just right for a trip to the beach… as well as the season of Carnival! Rio Carnival, known worldwide, is one of the most exciting events that can be found anywhere on the planet.

You may experience pulsating music, samba dancing, colorful costumes, and parades at every turn. In February, Rio de Janeiro is a fantastic place to visit for various reasons, including to take in the celebrations, to learn how to samba, or simply to relax with a caipirinha on the world-famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema.

Phuket, Thailand, with an average daytime temperature of 32°C

Coral reefs, white beaches, and pristine islands in Phuket in February? Thailand is a year-round destination, but February, the conclusion of the dry season, is excellent with little rainfall, bright weather, and fewer people than in December and January. Beach-hopping, snorkeling, eating, night markets, and sailing to adjacent islands with towering karsts and great diving are all options. Phuket shines even without you.

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South Africa, with an average daytime temperature of 29°C

South Africa should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for warm-weather travel spots in February. The nation is stunning in February, the hottest month of the year.

There is plenty of sunshine, minimal rain, and unending outside activities. For breathtaking beaches, mountain trekking, luscious wine country, and animal viewing (including penguins and sharks! ), travel to Cape Town. Or go on a safari and see lions, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, leopards, and other exciting species in national parks like Kruger National Park.

Australia with an average daytime temperature of 26 – 33°C

February has to be one of the most beautiful months to visit Australia. It’s summertime, and temperatures are rising across the country. Go snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef in north Queensland, or head to Western Australia for some of the best surfing and beaches you’ve ever seen.

Relax at Bondi Beach and Manly in Sydney, enjoy wine tasting in Adelaide, or fly to Melbourne for warmer weather and extremely cool city vibes. To view Uluru up close, brave the blistering heat of the Outback, or travel further south to Tasmania to experience incredible wildlife and beauty. Wherever you travel in Australia, you’re nearly sure to have a wonderful time.

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Costa Rica with an average daytime temperature of 30°C

Any country in Central America is an excellent destination for chasing the sun in February. Due to its breathtaking beaches, rainforests, and volcanoes, Costa Rica is one of our favorite balmy destinations. Snorkeling, surfing at the shore, hiking, and ziplining down volcanoes are just a few of the epic adventures that await you.

You can also go river rafting or walk among the treetops in Tortuguero, Monteverde, Manuel Antonio, and Arenal national parks to observe wildlife such as sloths, caiman, and toucans. We also enjoy interacting with the locals. You can visit ranches and farms to sample traditional Costa Rican cuisine and the finest coffee beans in the world.

Singapore with an average daytime temperature of 33°C

Because Singapore is in a tropical area, the weather is hot and muggy all year long. But February is imperative because it is when the Chinese New Year begins. Don’t let the winter blues get you down because the fun starts in Singapore in February!

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You’ll have much fun visiting famous places like the Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, the Botanic Gardens, and the excellent Cloud Forest. See a mesmerizing light show, drink a Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel, and eat the best food at the night markets. Chinatown will be especially lively during New Year’s parties, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

Kenya with an average daytime temperature of 26°C

Kenya is a great destination to soak up some rays of sunshine in February due to the country’s hot, dry weather. The list of things to do in Kenya is as long as your arm, from seeing the famous Maasai Mara on safari to seeing rhinos in their natural habitat at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

Visit Samburu National Park to witness the Big Five and the Samburu Special 5. Visit Lake Nakuru to see flamingos in their natural habitat and enjoy coffee and a scone with some natives in the country’s central highlands. The Ark Lodge, one of CodedHits’s most spectacular Stays With Stories, is where you’ll spend the night, and it’s a great place to watch wildlife from your room. The sun is shining brighter than ever in February.

In February, where do you like to go to get some sun? Let us know in the comments below…

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