“I Was Humbled, Honored & Overwhelmed” Says Mita

The submission period for the CodedHits Unlocked Awards has ended, and the winners have been announced after being selected from among more than 10,000 outstanding submissions. The lucky winners and a guest will join us this June for a 12-day excursion around the Balkans. Mita, one of the awardees, wrote the following in her submission to the CodedHits Unlocked Awards:

The world is your oyster now that CodedHits has unlocked its door! Our vacations with this remarkable Travel Operator, who has consistently exceeded expectations, have left us with unforgettable memories. Their superb staff takes you to a dizzying stratosphere of exhilaration with all the extra trimmings; we’ve traveled with them to nearly every continent except Antarctica.

To learn more about Mita’s incredible journey, we sat down with her to discuss the highlights of her tours with CodedHits and why she recommends them to others.

How did it feel to discover that you had won one of the prestigious CodedHits Unlocked Awards?

It was a time filled with excitement and elation at that very moment. I couldn’t contain my excitement because winning this award is such an uplifting experience! The fact that the panel of judges thought my tale and my treasure box of memories from my fantastic travels with CodedHits over a decade were worthy of consideration left me feeling humbled, honored, and overwhelmed.

Have you ever traveled to the Balkans in any capacity?

No, I have never been to the Balkans. Still, I am holding my breath in anticipation of a trip to a dream location that I have been yearning to explore for a long time.

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Who will join your CodedHits Balkans trip?

My partner, anchor, and pillar—my husband—is thrilled, as he has been on all our CodedHits travels together!

What are you most interested to see and do on the 12-day Balkans CodedHits?

CodedHits will provide the winners an excellent custom trip. I trust their planning forever! The Be My Guest Dinner immerses us in local culture and is a highlight. I’m excited to see Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro, as each will have its distinct taste! I’m eager to explore the Balkans’ stunning environment and dramatic scenery!

Your Scenic Scandinavia and its Fjords CodedHits trip’s entry photo for the CodedHits Unlocked Awards was taken there. When did you leave for this journey?

This journey took place in July and August of 2022. This was our first excursion once the borders opened for travel because, during COVID, everything came to a screeching halt, and we could not leave. Our most significant mental reset occurred during this, and CodedHits handled everything as usual without a hitch. Even a wellness director was on board to take care of us after COVID!

What about this vacation did you like best?

My favorite part was observing the many happy smiles of a group who could travel after COVID. Our right to speech had been re-established! There are many things to enjoy in every nation. Still, one of the finest things is to engage, mingle, and form a traveling family with the Travel Director, Driver, and Wellness Director to create lifelong memories!

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How many excursions have you taken on the CodedHits?

I’ve taken around ten CodedHits tours to various continents because they’re fantastic!

What is your favorite CodedHits vacation or travel destination?

In fact, each journey had its unique wow factor dynamics! If I had to pick one, it would be Italy. This is because, on my first CodedHits trip in 2010, we became lifelong friends with Glenda from Australia and Paul from Boston. We’ve been to other countries a few times since then, including Italy… And they are still perfect friends! Patrizia, our Travel Director for the Italy trip, was also fantastic! Our Travel Directors have been notable, but Patrizia from our Italy trip and Amanda from our Scenic Scandinavia trip was exceptional and handled everything flawlessly.

What do you enjoy most about vacationing with CodedHits?

Traveling with CodedHits is an adventure! You can immerse yourself in authentic experiences, which helps to bring the place to life. It’s hassle-free because expert Travel Directors and Guides handle all arrangements, from meeting you at the airport to taking your luggage. Furthermore, you become one large family with your other travelers, which aids in the formation of life-long friendships. So comfort, value, and convenience are all taken into account!

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Why is travel so essential for you?

Traveling is an adrenaline thrill for me! It is the best method to disconnect from the daily grind. It aids in discovering fascinating locales, cuisines, cultures, and customs. Travel enriches and expands our intellect, making it a worthwhile investment in our health.

It aids in breaking down barriers and constructing bridges to cultivate goodwill and camaraderie. It aids in one’s development as a storyteller, and I appreciate the cross-cultural learning curve. “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness…” is a quote that has stayed with me for a long time. – Mark Twain.

What else is on your list of goals? Where will your next travel (other than the Balkans) be?

The universe and the planet have so much to offer! I will continue seeking travel adventures and adding them to my wish list. Next, I would like to go on an African safari and witness the great wildebeest migration. I have visited every continent except Antarctica. Therefore, if that becomes available, it may be worth considering! I still have an endless list of goals I hope will eventually materialize.

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