Best National Park in the United States for 9 Reasons

Here are nine reasons why this national park is the best in the USA.

It is one of the USA’s largest and oldest national parks, spanning three states. It’s one of the most visited parks in the world, with 3.8 million visitors last year. More than half of the world’s hot springs and geysers are here. Fantastic wildlife can be viewed, including bears, bison, and moose. With its lush forests, numerous waterfalls, soaring mountains, captivating canyons, and picturesque lakes, it has an unmatched beauty. There is nothing else on earth quite like Yellowstone.

In honor of Yellowstone, which recently celebrated its 151st birthday, we will list our top 9 reasons why it’s the best national park in America.

1. Yellowstone Is The United States’ Oldest National Park.

Yellowstone was the first national park in the United States and spawned a global national parks movement, which is just one of the reasons we adore it. Yellowstone National Park was established in 1872, over 20 years before Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho were states. Yellowstone is still one of the most popular national parks, with over three million visitors annually.

2. Yellowstone Is Gigantic

Yellowstone is the largest national park in the United States. Yellowstone, which encompasses more than 2.2 million acres or nearly 3,500 square miles, is one of the largest and most significant national parks in the United States. It stretches across three U.S. states – Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, although primarily located in Wyoming – and is more significant than Delaware and Rhode Island combined.

3. Yellowstone Is Heaven For Hot Springs

Yellowstone is the best national park because it has half of the world’s hydrothermal features and more than 10,000 live hydrothermal features. This is one of the most magical things about it. The park is on top of a dormant supervolcano and has hot springs, geysers, mud pots, fumaroles, and slopes made of travertine. Yellowstone is home to more than 60% of the world’s active geysers, which shoot boiling water and steam into the air. You can see these natural hot springs all over the park.

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The Lone Star Geyser, which shoots hot water 45 feet into the air, is a well-known geyser you should visit. Old Faithful geyser, a symbol of Yellowstone, is another popular attraction. The geyser’s name comes from the fact that it has been spewing water into the air at regular intervals (about every 90 minutes) for the past thousand years. Every incredible explosion can launch 8,400 gallons of boiling water 184 feet into the air, lasting anywhere from 90 seconds to 5 minutes.

The colorful hot springs and bubbling mud pots will keep you entertained while waiting for the geysers to erupt. Trillions of thermophile bacteria are responsible for the brilliant blue, green, and orange hues. They enjoy the high temperatures and collaborate to produce the vibrant colors we observe.

4. Yellowstone Has Fantastic Animals.

Wildlife makes the best national park. America’s first national park has protected grizzly bears, black bears, bison, moose, elk, wolves, bighorn sheep, and mule deer. Yellowstone has the most mammals in the lower 48 states, with 67 species, 300 birds, and 16 fish.

One day at Yellowstone, you can see bears cubs tumbling after their mothers, bison roaming the grasslands, and bighorn sheep climbing steep mountains.

Yellowstone is the only U.S. park where bison have resided since prehistoric times. You’ll see a “bison jam” when bison gather on roadways if you’re lucky.

5. There Are Many Waterfalls In Yellowstone National Park.

Put out of your mind what TLC has to say about avoiding chasing waterfalls. Hundreds of waterfalls spread around Yellowstone National Park, making it a paradise for waterfall enthusiasts. There are approximately 50 waterfalls that have been given names, but there are hundreds of other waterfalls that could be better known that may be reached by hiking along the 900 miles of beautiful hiking paths. Yellowstone National Park is the best site in the world to go waterfall hunting!

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6. Natural Beauty Is Unmatched.

You must have stunning scenery to match if you claim the title of the best national park in the USA. Yellowstone does not let you down, offering some genuinely breathtaking wilderness vistas. This park is a nature lover’s and photographer’s paradise with its towering mountains, deep valleys, rich ancient forests, and dazzling Yellowstone Lake. The best thing is that many outdoor activities, such as hiking, boating, and camping, allow you to be near them. Everyone can also reach it, from more accessible wilderness climbs to more difficult wooden boardwalks that let you get right up close to the activity.

Joining one of CodedHits’s national parks excursions will allow you to spend two nights entirely immersed in Yellowstone’s riches. Our tours, including National Parks Wonders, Western Frontiers, Wild West, Cowboys, and Buffalos, feature a romantic two-night stay at a National Park Lodge in Yellowstone National Park, giving you two full days to explore the park at your leisure.

7. Yellowstone National Park Has A Rich Cultural History.

It is not only about nature and fauna. Yellowstone has a rich cultural history that dates back thousands of years. The park contains about 2,000 archaeological sites, some of which include physical evidence that people began living and migrating across the area more than 11,000 years ago.

Yellowstone was once home to 27 Native American tribes, including the Shoshone, Bannock, Blackfeet, Crow, and Lakota peoples, and it continues to preserve their cultural practices. Various places and displays exist to learn about Yellowstone’s Native American nations’ history and culture. Visit the Yellowstone Tribal Heritage Center to see Native American artists and scholars.

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8. Yellowstone Is A World-Class Conservation Effort.

Yellowstone is unquestionably the only national park in the United States, and we must preserve this status. The park strives ceaselessly to strengthen the ecosystem, safeguard wildlife, and recognize the Indigenous land stewards. Native American campaigns have helped protect grizzly bears by advocating relocating bison to their territories rather than culling them. Hundreds of Native American leaders, led by the late Cheyenne spiritual leader Don Shoulderblade, devised the Grizzly Treaty to prevent the removal of the grizzly bear from the U.S. Endangered Species Act. As Yellowstone continues implementing world-class conservation programs, it is on course to receive green list status from the World Wildlife Fund.

Yellowstone could obtain the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) green list status, a certification for successful nature conservation, if it demonstrates world-class conservation impacts.

9. Yellowstone Was Named The Best National Park In The United States.

Don’t just take what we say… Everyone thinks Yellowstone is the best national park in the United States. In T+L’s 2022 World’s Best Awards, fans chose Yellowstone as the best national park in the United States. Yellowstone beat out other famous U.S. national parks like the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona and Yosemite National Park in California based on its natural beauty, wildlife, activities, places to stay, accessibility, and safety.

So that’s that! The best national park in the United States is Yellowstone. Do you think so? Tell us in the comments section below…

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