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is a Ukrainian metal band that formed in 2014. Their debut , “Eschatology of War” (2015), tells the gruesome tales of World War I. After a digital re-release in April 2021, the will be available in various fan editions this year, including 2LP gatefold marbled crystal clear silver & black and 2LP splatter gold & black editions on August 4, 2023. The explores events from the past, such as the Battles of Gallipoli and Verdun, the gas attack at Ypres, the Brusilovsky breakthrough, the Christmas truce, and the bombing of London.

The begins with an intro called “War In,” which features an old military march played for men going to war. The song “Frozen in Trenches (Christmas Truce)” presents a peaceful idyll to the melody of “Silent Night” before gunfire breaks in and harsh vocals transport the listener back to a time of death and decay. The longest song on the album, “Ottoman Rise,” intensifies the with heavy guitar lines, thunderous black metal drumming, and deep screams of despair.

's music is a unique combination of old school death and black metal, with hints of sludge and doom. Their debut album was followed by “The Blind Leading The Blind” (2018) and “Where Fear and Weapons Meet” (2021), their first full-length album on Napalm Records. The band's intense lyrics and visual experience take the listener back to a cruel time in history, reminding them of the horrors of war and paying homage to those who fought and fell.


Side A

1. War In
2. Gasmask
3. Frozen in Trenches
4. Verdun

Side B
5. Caught in the Crossfire
6. Zeppelin Raids
7. Ottoman Rise

Side C
8. Arditi
9. Battlefield
10. War Out

Side D
11. Gasmask (Eastern Front Remix By Solar Owl)
12. Zeppelin Raids (Western front RMX by ✞ λ₴MѺÐ∆I ✞)



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